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The Gift of Recovery – Alaina

By: Alaina Combs, Women's Program Manager

The definition of the word recovery is to return to a normal state of health, mind or strength. For me, that word means so much more. Recovery is a gift!

On the day I walked into The Healing Place I finally had a chance to be restored in all these areas. As a person in long term recovery for more than six years now, I have had so many more blessings, opportunities, and responsibilities than I believed I deserved. Once a hopeless person, I have found faith and a new way to live where I can thrive as a friend, a mother, a professional, and a healthy member of my community.

Being caught in the cycle of substance use also comes along with being caught in the revolving door that I knew so well, known as the criminal justice system. This means that I continuously went to jail and prison to keep up with my lifestyle. Recovery has given me freedom from the cycle of incarceration because I have not committed any crimes in these six years.

Freedom comes in many forms. I now get an opportunity to help others find their freedom. I get to work with women on a daily basis to help them with the hard work that is necessary for them to find their own freedom. I know what it takes, and I also know that there was a tremendous amount of work to do and really, there is still so much work that remains for us all. It’s all about our attitude and outlook on things that makes the difference.

For many years I looked at most things the same way I looked at those jail and prison sentences. Now I can see things and people in their own beauty for what they are and how I can enhance that instead of taking away from it.

The gift of recovery has given me just that, a gift. A gift that I now am able to give away to someone else just like me.

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