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The Healing Place Way

By: Heather Gibson, Vice President of Program Services

The Healing Place is a unique place. We have our own language, practices, and beliefs. It’s nearly impossible to spend more than five minutes here and fail to recognize that we are just different… different in a good way.

We believe in people helping people. We don’t talk about how we’re going to help or try to put a complex plan together on the best way to do it. We don’t wait for a doctor or clinician to tell us how to treat a client. We don’t wait for the government to do something or another community agency to tell us. We just do it.

The Healing Place is all about action and more action. This is evidenced by how we operate. We keep our doors open 24/7, we keep it real, and we stay true to who we are. Most of our staff are in recovery so it makes it easy to provide hope and demonstrate the real possibilities for each client who walks through our doors.

We wear our alcoholism and drug addiction as a badge of pride because when you choose recovery at The Healing Place you choose you. You have decided to not only stop using alcohol and drugs, but you have chosen a life full of possibilities. There is no greater evidence of this then our staff and alumni living in the community and doing good by doing the next right thing and choosing themselves. They did it with help and by helping someone else. It’s The Healing Place way.

One thought on “The Healing Place Way”

  1. Valeria Martin says:

    My grandson is a resident at the Healing Place right now. I have seen a huge change in his attitude in his daily life. Thank you.

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