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Unconditional Love

By: Courtney Weisshaupt, Detox Manager

People don’t usually decide to come to detox because they are having a good day or because things in life are going well. Often, people are coming through the doors of detox on what they might consider to be one of their worst days. Our clients are struggling with feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse as a result of their addiction, while also being filled with feelings of fear because, let’s be honest, making the decision to seek treatment is a life changing one.

This is where the importance of showing unconditional love comes in. The phrase unconditional love most generally means love without limits and that is what we want people to feel from the moment they walk through the doors of detox at The Healing Place. Unconditional love provides the foundation of the Spirit of The Healing Place.

Detox monitors are tasked with meeting each client we serve with unconditional love and an attitude of acceptance. Showing people unconditional love means that we are going to show you kindness and compassion, even if you don’t show it back and we are going to show you acceptance, even if you don’t feel worthy of it.

While in detox, we want clients to feel like they can be honest about what they are thinking and feeling, as well as what fears they have because forming that initial bond with someone who understands what you are going through is an essential piece of the early recovery process. The initial bond between the individual in detox and the monitor who can relate through similar lived experience is also where the trust begins, and it is where some of that fear about what’s next starts to dissipate. Trusting that these monitors are here to help me, I can ask for help, I can be vulnerable, and I can be honest are all thoughts that we begin to feel when we believe that we are in an environment, like The Healing Place, where people are going to love us unconditionally.

If you or someone you know needs help, get started by calling 502-585-4848.

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  1. Doug Scott says:

    Well said, Courtney. The staff in detox, most of which have been through detox themselves, have found a way out and are so passionate about it they are motivated to share it with the new man or woman…..unconditionally.

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